Most people 60 and up have worked their whole lives and may need help with taxes now more than ever as they move into retirement. Every year beginning in February we bring in knowledgeable preparers to help file tax returns, which can be especially confusing as finances change. In September we host influenza vaccination clinics to pre-empt flu season. When Medicare Part D enrollment for prescription drugs begins in October, we have qualified experts on hand to guide seniors to the best solution for each individual. Be sure to check our calendar regularly for more information.

Seasonal Services Include:

  • Tax preparation through the AARP program. Volunteers are at Perryville Center one day each week through tax season. They prepare simple IRS forms and the MO Property Tax Credit.
  • Holiday Parties
  • Indoor Summer Picnics
  • Field Trips for Area Events and Fairs

Services :  Seasonal Services

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